Trial Biking Sessions


Develop your riding on any terrain, without placing your feet on the ground. That’s the goal!

Learn to move around on your bike, mastering the different techniques of trial riding. Pedalling and braking techniques, lifting and moving the front and rear wheel while moving and while stationary, overcoming obstacles by hopping the wheels, hopping on the rear wheel and laterally balancing on the bike are all included in these sessions.

The different terrain and obstacles used to develop such skills are numerous and varied including  natural terrain, streams, rocks, pallets, stairs, urban benches and tables.

These sessions are recommended for trial riders and intermediate bike riders, eager to discover a new approach and technique to biking.



1 hour 30 min Session

Prices* :
Children (under 12) :
Adults :

*Our prices include the services of a professional guide, activity specific mountain bike hire and access to lifts.